Full of unexpected moments, Timmy’s thrilling tale of his amazing adventure along the Camino (travelled by so many over the centuries) weaves together brilliantly history and memoirs. It shows how important it is for Timmy to live every moment of every day.

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"There are not many people who would put themselves through this much to achieve their dream. Timmy has always aimed for the summit and, most importantly, remembers to smile and take time to reflect along the way."
Chris Evans
"A must read. This is a journey brimming with love and laughter that’s also deeply moving. Timmy’s glass isn’t just half full, it’s positively overflowing!!"
Lorraine Kelly
"You’re the kind of hero who has probably influenced me more than I realize. What a lovely man!"
Keith Lemon
"A vivid, beautifully written and often moving book, skilfully dovetailing memoir, history, art and a cycling pilgrimage across Europe into a unique and uplifting whole. If you think you know who Timmy Mallett is, you’re in for a rewarding surprise!"
Professor Brian Cox
"I loved this book. It’s absolutely delightful. An adventure told in a uniquely Timmy way, full of humour and charm. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did."
Michaela Strachan
"Timmy Mallett is a talented man – an entertainer, a fine artist and now a writer. Utterly Brilliant is a beautiful life affirming book."
Wendy Craig
"The book is not just a travelogue. It is a skilful interweaving of the adventure through Europe with his journey through life."
Nick Owen
"Funny, fascinating and insightful, just like Timmy himself. A must read for anyone who likes an adventure."
Yvette Fielding
"The world is a dark and confusing place to be right now, but there are still times that make a person glad to be in it. Timmy’s journey throughout this book is one of them."
The Secret Footballer